“At first glance, this painting took my breath away. There are wonderful transitions here, physical and inferred transition between summer and fall. The transition of loose abstract strokes to more precise and measured. The transition from foreground to background and beyond. This is a painting that should be studied. It is a classic example of color harmony, contrast, values and balance. Color harmony is achieved with a limited palette. I think it took me 4 times looking at it to realize the water was not “blue” but “ochre.” The abstract handling of the background forest is excellent, including the dash of bright blue used to pull your eye up and around and back down to the orange-red tree at the far right, with the trunk pulling your eye back down to the rocks. The shape and weight of the rocks grounds the painting....the purple and brown mid-value rock shapes allow the sun-splashed rocks to take center stage. And take note of the strategically placed dabs of deep orange-red in the rocks - all to balance out that strong tree on the right.”

- Jen Evenhaus....Event Judge


Reflected Sunlight  16” x 20”   Pastel

The Pastel Society Of Colorado